Pulp and Paper Producers Cooperation was established on 12.05.1972 by the papers producers firms with the leadership of (SEKA) the pulp and paper factories which is the first governmental industrial establishment of our Republic history. This Cooperation turn to a Pulp and Paper Industries Association on 01.08.1972.

Later on, the Association has carried on its activities as Pulp and Paper Industry Foundation since 01.02.1989 in order not to exclude SEKA, which was the main manufacturer in our sector, due to the Associations Law preventing the public establishments from affiliating with the Association.



The paper was invented by the Chinese in 105 AD. The first, workshops established in İzmir and Beykoz in 18th century during the Ottoman Empire period were closed after a while since they could not compete with the foreign companies due to the capitulations and franchises to the foreigners.

Fourdrinier paper machine that provides continuous paper production was constructed in 1803. However, developments of this machine has taken place more than 25 years; then it started to be set up in the developed European Countries in different times between 1830 and 1846. The paper machine came to our country in 1843, 3 years before the Italy. The production in Halkapınar / İzmir managed to go on only for 6 months.



Sectoral publications have always been our scoop of activities since we were first established.

Since 1996, Paper Industry magazines and annual sectoral reports are being published. Besides, Paper and Board Production Technology and Long Term Strategy and 8th Five-Year Development Plan have been published as a book in this period.



MODERN KARTON is putting its new Corrugated Board Machine in to operation in 2008.
The new Paper Machine (PM4) of MODERN KARTON San.ve Tic.A.Ş., with a capacity of 400.000 tones/year is being planned to put into operation first half of the 2008.

SELKASAN Kağıt is extending its capacity…
The corrugated board machine (PM2) of SELKASAN Kağıt ve Paketleme Malz.İmalatı San.ve Tic.A.Ş. with a capacity of 100.000 tones/year is being put into operation in 2007.

Mondi Packaging became a partner with TİRE KUTSAN.
MONDI PACKAGING, an Austrian packaging company, became a partner with TİRE KUTSAN Oluklu Mukavva, Kutu ve Kağıt San.A.Ş. purchasing 54% of the company.

İPEK KAĞIT is in Kanyon Ofis…
The Central Office of İPEK KAĞIT San.ve Tic.A.Ş moved to Kanyon Ofis.

İpek Kağıt San.ve Tic.A.Ş.
Kanyon Ofis Kat:16
Büyükdere Caddesi, 185
34394 Levent/İSTANBUL
Tel: 0(212) 371 70 00
Faks: 0(212) 353 13 43


The Regulation on Packaging Waste Control is in Effect…
The Regulation on Packaging Waste Control came into effect being published in the official register with the date of June 24, 2007 and the number 26562.


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